Dear Imaginary Reader:

Let me catch you up. Hallucina used to be quite the encyclopedic pop culture blog. Writer Hansel Castro loved exploring culture from ABBA to ZAPPA. From Chinua Achebe to Stefan Zweig. From ABC to BBC to CW to HBO. J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis and George R. R. Martin had a mighty gathering where they agreed not to be so cryptically pretentious about their hidden names. There were a lot of Davids there: Bowie, Lynch, Fincher, Cronenberg. There were a lot of movies from the Criterion Collection, and there were Anna Karinas and Catherine Deneuves and there was Alexandre Dumas, specially the SUPER ABRIDGED MARIE ANTOINETTE SAGA and THE SUPER ABRIDGED COUNT OF MONTECRISTO! There were too many Bob Dylan references. Same for the Beatles. It was a phase I haven’t outgrown yet! And there were Stephen Kings and Stephen Sondheims and Steven Spielbergs and Steven Soderberghs, etc etc. Movies, music, books, television, video games, theater, graphic novels, art, etc…

HALLUCINA tried to cover it all.

And then it was doing too many things. There was too much going on and it was about to topple. It was a big messy bear of a blog and like bears, it needed to hibernate. Cubs came out of the cave: A SonOf Hallucina Tumblr. Capsule Reviews on Facebook and Instagram and the such.

In the meantime, Hans entertained himself with:

INTERFAKE (Brief, Fake Interviews with Hideously Famous People- A great, acidic humorous concept that I still love but that isn’t for people without a love for satire and roasting… And maybe I outgrew satire and roasting?)

THE PAGEAHOLIC  (A couple of years of book reviews.)

PICKSHERRY (From May to December of 2017, the delightful Picksherry Family gathered for 125 episodes of critical deconstruction. Other movie critics give you their meager one-person opinion. Picksherry gave you SIX differing opinions to deal with.)

Now, HALLUCINA is quietly back as Hallucina 2. I hope you read along. This will be home base for a while. I will keep you updated on musings, literary or philosophical. These brief summaries will probably become my main mode of communication with the fascinating land of Internetia for a while, while I concentrate on long form fiction. Make this the place where you can find out what bits of culture, old and new, pop and un-hip, inspire and amuse me on a weekly basis.What you don’t already know, you will certainly find out. Read on.

Hansel Castro is a Miami-based Writer and Cultural Critic. He Believes that Earth is an Anagram for Heart.


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