Mummer’s Farce


God how I wanted to say

The return of the springtime’s lissome prey

The retreating curling clover

And of course hatred as the incandescent king.

I meant well, fear not

Fuck you, said they idiotic, self-righteousness their brand asunder

Brandy down from holy wonder

Ballerina spiders in powerful webs of demonstrative excrescence

Summer bugs have more movements than Bach

Toccatas and Fritattas and Regattas and stirring archetypes

Not gonna help at all when we get to the fire.

Is this worth your while or anyone else’s?

You just had to be so great, didn’t you, just be the queen’s solstice?

I shouldn’t have wanted to speak up

Teeth the wall trapping the ultimate innocence

Silence makes for both the victim and the unassailable.


I missed whatever your soul was last summer.

Just to have the last word in the kingdom of the mummers



I wouldn’t absolve you

The prie-dieu sprinkled with a broken coca-cola shell

Gone already and soon enough love

Ash is the converse

Out of all possible empires the resolve had weakened

Sponge yellow to temples, popes of lightning,

Cried out rabbis standing as if aware at last of tip-toeing serpentines


Pushcart prices up among the small who press

Against shallow panegyrics and connected dinner cars

Angrily scream it all out into your smile and let them march on

God how stupid it all seems, how stupid she seems, how stupid I seem,

How rude is this verminous Chattanooga,

The choo choo of metallic steam on the escape route

I recollect nothing but contempt

And them even more nothing but bitters and dregs.

Pox on the punters.

A good old day, granted the grunters.



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