Dear Imaginary Reader:

Let me catch you up. Hallucina used to be quite the encyclopedic pop culture blog. Writer Hansel Castro loved exploring culture from ABBA to ZAPPA. From Chinua Achebe to Stefan Zweig. From ABC to BBC to CW to HBO. J. K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis had a mighty gathering where they agreed not to be so cryptically pretentious about their names. There were Davids there: Bowie, Lynch, Fincher, Cronenberg. A Dickensian David Copperfield, and even a commenting David Freer. There were a lot of French movies for some reason and there was Alexandre Dumas, specially the SUPER ABRIDGED MARIE ANTOINETTE SAGA! There were Bob Dylans and Woody Allens and there were Stephen Kings and Steven Spielbergs and Steven Soderberghs, and Stephen Sondheim came in one day to have a conversation with Green Day. Movies, music, books, television, video-games, theater, graphic novels, art, etc…


And then it was doing too many things. There was too much going on and it was about to topple. It was a big messy bear of a blog and like bears, it needed to hibernate. Cubs came out of the cave ( A SonOfHallucina Tumblr. The TILT. INTERFAKE. Spinoffs like THE SUPER ABRIDGED COUNT OF MONTECRISTO. THE PAGEAHOLIC, still on-going, which reviews books.) Facebook and Twitter posts were spawned. Simply put, Hans couldn’t dedicate as much time as he wanted to the blogging world while still delivering the same level of quality. So he stopped doing all that. Went into the wilderness. Abjured social media. Sorta. (Sporadic Facebook blurbs and Instagram posts appeared here and there.)

And yet many people kept reminding Hans about HALLUCINA and how they missed it. Hans missed HALLUCINA too! And so now HALLUCINA is quietly back as Hallucina 2 ( I hope you read along. This will be fun!


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